Monday, December 26, 2016

A Christmas gift to all, Kelly Rogers Still in JAIL!

It's Christmas 2016 and the Texas Parole board has placed an amazing gift under our tree, they denied Kelly G. Rogers parole. 

Thank you Lord Jesus!  

Yet this summer, an ignoramus commented that we were spewing "Hate" in our blog. They went on to say they'd "Pray for Us" that we could forgive Rogers and move on in our lives. 

LOL. Was this posted by one of the only two character witnesses at Rogers trial? 

So let's set the record straight today. The comment; 

"Wow, the amount of hate being said here is ridiculous. I will continue to pray for you all that you find peace with yourselves and can forgive someone. To continuously show hate and anger is not helping out. At some point, you will need to look in the mirror and ask is all this hatred really worth it? Will you be able to move forward from this incident and move on in life or just bring more hate to the situation?"

So a couple of points. First, this is obviously someone in Rogers' Amway downline who casually knew him (from tapes and functions) but never saw the damage up close and personal. Oh sure, they may have hung out at someone's house, talked with him, stayed up late with him, drank coffee with him, drove him around and even counseled with him. But they REALLY DIDN'T know the Texas version of him.   

In other words, they just knew the "edification" version of Kelly Rogers and not the man himself. And because of the "No"Cross-lining" thing, it was all covered up. The truth never reached this person. So I don't blame them and their ignorance. They were sheltered from seeing; 
  • The guy who went to his up line and said; Enough of diamond money, I'm moving on to make some real money. 
  • They didn't see Rogers who went through his down line and raised money for his fraudulent investment schemes, taking millions of dollars from IBO families and pissing it all away in various ponzi schemes that failed or were broken up by the SEC.   
  • They didn't see how these IBO investors lost everything. Homes, businesses, marriages.  
  • They didn't see how Rogers never apologized for losing the life savings of his so-called friends without even saying he was sorry or he'd pay them back. 
  • They didn't see the arrogance of the man. They didn't see the corruption. They didn't see the cheating. They didn't see the deceit of both him and his money grubbing wife who pushed the man. They didn't see the lawsuits and they didn't see Rogers file bankruptcy.  
Most of these families lost all the money they had saved throughout their entire lives. Now in 2016, some have recovered while many were forced to file bankruptcy and will never recover.  

Yet today, none of us hold hatred for the man. Most have forgiven him. We've looked in the mirror and already reconciled these issues. I know I have. 

But we continue to seek JUSTICE for the acts of corruption committed against us by someone we considered a friend. Since we know we'll never recover our money, we strive ensure the "Price He Pays" in "Time Served" fits the losses inflicted on each and every one of us "So Called Haters".  

Simply put, one year in jail was NOT ENOUGH. So we encourage you to write letters to the parole board to make sure justice is served. 

And as a collective group, we will certainly pray for you that the scales placed upon your eyes will be removed and you will see Rogers in proper context without the "Amway Thing" interrupting reality. Please, look in your own mirror. 

And for that level of ignorance, we forgive you. And if you have the guts, here's a  few lawsuits exposing the level of corruption enacted by Kelly G Rogers. I assure you many more exist but I'm sick of documenting them as I've moved on in my life. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Kelly Gordon Rogers Denied Parole

On Thursday, May 26th, 2016 the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Parole board DENIED Kelly G Rogers'parole. The board scheduled the next review for May of 2017 and called it a day. 

From the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles handbook for criminals; 
"What if parole is denied? If an offender is denied parole, he or she is given either a Serve-All (SA) or a Next Review (NR) date. NR vote means that the parole panel has decided the offender is not ready for parole but that a subsequent review should be conducted at a specified future date within one to five years for offenders serving a sentence listed in §508.149(a), Government Code, and one year for an offender not serving a sentence under §508.149(a) Government Code."  

So the moral of the story, you did write letters to the Parole board and they read each and every one of them. The denial code was called an 11d but no other explanation was provided. 

The stark reality Rogers is absorbing this Memorial Day weekend is another year of his life is slipping away while locked up at POWLEDGE prison. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Attorney Kelly G Rogers Sentenced to 20 years

Attorney Kelly G Rogers was sentenced to 20 years in state prison for scamming investors out of $1.3 million in nonexistent oil and gas projects.
Kelly Gordon Rogers, 55, of Frisco, also was fined $10,000. A Collin County jury convicted him of first-degree felony theft on May 23. He was indicted in May 2012 on two counts of money laundering, two counts of aggravated theft and one court of securities fraud. He is awaiting trial on the remaining charges, according to the Collin County District Clerk.
From August 2007 to February 2009, Rogers raised the money from more than 20 individual and institutional investors, including $950,000 from Oklahoma City-based Basin Management Group, according to the indictment.
Rogers spent much of money on himself and tried to buy interests in unrelated projects, including a coal mine in West Virginia, according to the Texas State Securities Board.
"Rogers shuffled investor funds to try to keep his scam afloat," the board said in a statement. "When one investor demanded a refund of the unused portion of the money he had invested, the bank account of Rogers' company, Land and Minerals Corp, was virtually empty. As soon as two other investors wired money to Land and Minerals, however, Rogers diverted most of their funds to meet the investor's demand."
Prosecutors said Rogers also failed to disclose at least two lawsuits from his earlier oil and gas dealings, which is required by law.
In February 2007, he was sued in Dallas County District Court and accused of breaking state and federal securities laws regarding the sale of oil and gas interests in the Vinton Dome in Louisiana, prosecutors said.
Five months later, the SEC filed a federal complaint in Sherman, accusing Rogers of soliciting 35 investors by claiming that his bank debenture investment through Frisco-based Level Par Investments was secure and paid weekly returns of 25 percent.
The SEC said it was a sham and investor money was put to personal use by the promoters. A subsequent settlement permanently restrained and enjoined Rogers from breaking federal securities laws, and required him to pay $100,000 in disgorgement and $50,000 in civil penalties.
Rogers also failed to disclose to investors his role in the misappropriation of investor money from his venture Falcon Energy, and failed to disclose a 2009 bankruptcy filing where he listed debts of $2 million, according to the TSSB.

Rogers was licensed to practice law in 1986 and lists "oil and gas" as his sole area of practice, according to the State Bar of Texas.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Attorney Kelly G Rogers JV Agreement

Here's something you don't see everyday from Attorney Kelly G Rogers! And I think you'll find this really interesting.  
It'll give you some insights into the mind of a wheeler and dealer Attorney Kelly Gordon Rogers
It's called Jump Labs and this is a Joint Venture Agreement dated Friday, March 27, 2009. It's a proposal given to someone in Texas and it appears Kelly Rogers was acting on behalf of the Rogers Family LP. 

Read the first page and try and make heads or tails of the terms and conditions. Is this clear to you as you read it? 

First, for every $50,000 in cash you'd give him, he'll "allow you" to make $250,000 in commission by selling the product. Assign you commission rights of 4% in exchange for your cash.
Second, he'll give you an accounting of the total commission he received each month. This coming from a guy who forgets to submit paperwork in his own bankruptcy filing?
Third, he'll pay you within 15 days of his receipt of commissions. Oh yea? Just ask the guy from Series C LP (Michael Black) about how awesome Rogers is at paying on time. LOL.
And it goes on and on and on. Take the time to read this. It was actually given to someone to consider. They turned it down and thank God they did or they'd be on the subpoena list for May 19th.
Jump Labs JV Agreement.